tour travel agents agency company operators in Tiruchirappalli

tour travel agents agency company operators in Tiruchirappalli

Tiruchirappalli – City Nestled Amongst the Rock Fort


Tiruchirappalli located on the banks of river Kaveri is the perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernism. Built by Nayaks of Madurai, it is a home to many great scholars and encompasses beautiful temples and churches dating back to 1760s. The India tour packages give you an opportunity to explore this historical city.



Major Attractions



1.      Rock Fort Temple: It is an intriguing structure balanced on a huge rock piece rising from the plains to the tower and is devoted to Lord Shiva and Ganpati.

2.      St. John’s Church: Among the Churches in Trichy stands tall the oldest church of St. John. An airy pavilion on the inside, the church fills your soul with divine feeling.

3.      Government Museum: Located amidst the super bazaar of Trichy, the museum is famous for collection of sculptures of Gautam Buddha, Lord Vishnu, etc. and ancient tools and other rare pieces.



How to reach Tiruchirappalli?



Trichy is well connected to the capital city Chennai by road, air and rail. There are many buses, cabs and trains running daily. You can also reach the city by a private vehicle. Travelling during night is the best time to reach Trichy. However, get an india tour packages at good price only at