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tour travel agents agency company operators in Ranchi

Explore The City Of Rock Formations And Waterfalls – Ranchi


Also known as ‘The city of Waterfalls’, Ranchi is a popular tourist destination with India travel agency. Located on the south of Chota Nagpur plateau and encompassing the captivating waterfalls, rock formations and hillocks spread across the city, you cannot just stay away from visiting it again.



Major Attractions


  1. Dassam Falls: Also known as Dassam Ghhagh, the Dassam Waterfalls is a major tourist attraction. Situated near Taimara village, you can hear the gushing sounds of the water from a distance and delve into the plain beauty and peacefulness of the place.

  2. Jonha Falls: Located on the Rarhu River, the Jonha falls is an adventurous tourist spot of Ranchi. It also has a resting place that houses the Lord Buddha’s Temple.

  3. Jagannathpur Temple: Among the oldest temples of Ranchi stands the Jagannatpur Temple like a fort on the top of the hill. It has an architectural style of the <a href=""/>Puri Temple<a/>.



How to reach Ranchi



The city of Ranchi is well connected to the other states and cities. The Birsa Munda Aiport, the central railway station and the private bus and car services plays an important role in the exploration of the city. 

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