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tour travel agents agency company operators in Jamshedpur

tour travel agents agency company operators in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur: The Steel City Of India


Popular destination of the India Tours and Travels, Jamshedpur is known as the Industrial city of India. It was built by Lt. Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata and with its flourishing market of Steel, it cam eo be known as Tatanagar. This city boasts of being a home to many small and medium scale industries, Adityapur.



Major Attractions



  1. Jubilee Park: On the path of completion of 50 years, Tata steel rewarded the city with a Jubilee park. The park is famous for the lights and sounds displayed on March 3rd every year which is considered as the founders day.

  2. Dimna Lake:  Along with serving as a source of city’s drinking water, the artificial Dimna Lake also offers various activities like jetskiing, rowing and water scooting for the tourists.

  3. Tata Steel Zoological Park: The huge Tata Steel Zoological Park is a habitat to various rare species of animals and birds.



How to reach Jamshedpur?



The Tatanagar City is well connected via roadways, railways and airways. There are many trains running up and down the city joining it to the other cities. You can also reach the city via private bus services or vehicles. 

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