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tour travel agents agency company operators in Gwalior

Gwalior – The Royal Capital


Gwalior with a glorious past still preserves its unique and eternal appeal. With so many dynasties ruling the city in the past, Gwalior got its fame from the warrior kings, poets, musicians and saints. Rich in traditional culture with blend of modernism, the city is one of the great tourist places in India.


Major Attractions



  1. The Gwalior Fort: One of the most impregnable monuments of India, the Gwalior fort stands on a pedestal of sandstone and is known for the various battles, jauhars, princely events and imprisonment. Ruler Babur called this fort as ‘the pearl amongst the fortress of Hind’.

  2. Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb: The great Afghan prince Ghaus Mohammed was buried in this city. His tomb was a classic piece of Mughal art with intricate designs carved on the sandstone.

  3. Sun Temple: This newly built Sun Temple is inspired from the famous Sun Temple of Konark and is located near the Residency at Morar.



How to reach Gwalior?


Gwalior is can be reached easily by air, rail or road. With regular flights and daily trains running from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, the city can also be reached via busses, cabs or private vehicles.


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