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tour travel agents agency company operators in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar: The Architectural City


The newly stated capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is known among the tour operators in India for the many tourist attractions. From all over the globe tourists visit this new capital to explore its well built architecture, be it the monuments, temples, roads, residential areas or the market place. Once you visit this city, you will want to come back and re-explore it.



Major Attractions



  1. Akhshardham Temple: Among the great temples of Gujarat stands the Akhshardham temple. It is devoted to Lord Swaminarayan and is known for its rare combination of intriguing architecture, pure devotion, work of art and the exhibitions

  2. Sarita Udyan: Situated in Sector 9, the park is known for its recreational activities and is a famous picnic spot for tourists.

  3. Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park: Known as Jurassic Park of India, the Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park is known for the hatching of Dinosaur eggs and also has different divisions for different animals like Deer park, Bid Park, Snake Park etc.


How to reach Gandhinagar



The most important mode of transport to Gandhinagar is he Bus Rapid Transit System. There are also local bus services that would help the tourists to explore this city. International or far away tourists can also reach Gandhinagar by the Ahmedabad Airport or the Ahmedabad Railway Station. 

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