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shilong hill station tour packages

shilong hill station tour packages


Shillong- Excellent Example Of Natural Beauty


Shillong is an ingenious hill station in India & the capital of Meghalaya positioned at the stature of 1496 meters.


It is also called ‘Scotland of the East ' due to its conspicuous resemblance with the Scottish highlands. The city derived its name from "Leishyllong"-the Superpower or God who is supposed to rest on the Shillong peak, overlooking one of best hill stations in India.



Major Attractions


Shillong has stunning ponds and waterfalls that is located and surrounded by pine forests and greenery covered mountains. This hill station in India offers clean, tranquil, litter free and cool milieu to tourists. The conventional city of Shillong is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the north east. Their magnificent viewpoints attract tourists from all across the world.


Golf course- It is known worldwide for best hill stations in India because of the beautiful landscaping and scenes present over there, plus  its golf course, which is not only one of the wettest but also one of the best golf course in the kingdom.

Cherrapunjee- one of the wettest locations on earth and located at an attitude of 1300 meters is as well situated just 56 kms from this hill station.


Shillong Peak: An icon of picnic spot is just 10 kms away from the city. Located at an elevation of 1965 meters, it gives access to a dazzling panorama of the idyllic environment.

Ward's Lake: A beautiful lake covered with various flowers, plants and trees located in the interior of the city is ward’s lake. It is most popular for short garden boating and walks. It's said that its construction was initiated by a bored prisoner who was ready to do any kind of job to get out of his prison. He was given the work of digging holes and filling them up over again.




How to reach


From about 40km away from Shillong is a small airport that consist flights via Alliance Air from Kolkata on definite days of the week. A bus operated by M.T.D.C runs from Airport to Shillong market. Huge number of taxis is also available.

There are no railway lines in Meghalaya. The nearby railway station is Guwahati. It is about 105 km from Shillong and is well touched with all popular cities of India. Hence, best way to travel Shillong is to book a genuine tour package from reliable travel guide online.


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