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mandrem hotel resorts

mandrem hotel resorts



Situated close to Pernem, Mandrem Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa.


Located nearby is a very popular and longest beach in Goa i.e. Arambol beach. The best advice to get to Mandrem beach if you are looking for adventure then the best way is to walk along the coastline and get there.  India travel agency operators don’t include this as part of your travel itinerary but since they include Arambol beach, you can discover this hidden paradise on your own.



Major Attractions


  • Ashta Yoga Valley: this place is the centre of Yogic arts. The founder of this academy is Mr Amit Namdev. Here the candidates are imparted education in Yoga and other healing arts. If you are a foreign national then you will get a chance to see the Yogic art in progress.

  • Portuguese fort: Close by to Mandrem beach there is an Old Portuguese era fort. If you are an adventurous person then a walk to the fort can be quite exhilarating but also it can be very exhausting if the weather is hot.


How to Reach


 The beach can be easily reached via Pernem Railway Station but all major railway stops takes place at Madgaon so it’s not guaranteed whether your reserved train might stop over here or not. The beach can be easily reached via Arambol as there are buses that ply through this route and onto Mandrem.

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