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manali hill station tour packages

manali hill station tour packages

Kullu Manali-Beautiful Place to Visit

Nestled in the Himalayas, Manali is a valley gifted with nature's attraction and scenic glamour. Splashing streams, water streams and lofty mountains with top quality of slopes make it a place awesome for amazing sports.

It has countless temples and is hence, called the "Valley of Gods". Dussehra celebration is in itself a prime attractiveness of the valley attracting many travelers every year.


Major attractions


Raghunath Temple-One of the main tourist attractions of Manali is the Raghunath Temple which is committed to Lord Ram, one of the superior important deities of Hinduism. The temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh in the era 1660 to ask for dismissal for his vices. The crowning got an idol of Lord Ram from Ayodhaya and placed it in this temple located on the hill stations in north India.

Bijli Mahadev Temple-The Bijli Mahadev Temple is situated at an ascent of 2460 meters and as the name advises the temple is commonly struck by lightning.

Sultanpur Palace- This is solitary of the paramount hill  with marvelous vacationer attraction in Manali. This castle house has overwhelming miniature painting is developed in Manali style such as typical agricultural background with community figuring traditionally.

Basheshwar Mahadev Temple- Situated 15 km from Manali, this temple is resolute to Lord Shiva. Dating on to the 9th century and located on the coasts of the River Beas, this big temple has been created in a pyramid style and houses a huge "Yoni-Lingam" idol presenting Lord Shiva and his broad Goddess Parvati. Role model of Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesh and Lord Vishnu are housed in the three sided bishop's palace outside the temple.

Akhara Bazaar- Famous as one of the most popular hill station in india which gives you markets and shopping places of Manali, Akhara Bazaar has abundant shops selling, shawls, Pattoos, Kullu caps, gudmas, rugs, puhlas and other woolen clothes.


Best time to visit- summers for adventure and romantic weather, and winters for snow skiing and sports.


How to reach


Kullu is well attached to main parts of the country by a network of roads all over. The distance from Delhi is 522km arithmetically. Ambala, Kiratpur, Bilaspur, Chandigarh, Ropar and Mandi are the major stations on this way.

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