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lighthouse hotel resorts

lighthouse hotel resorts




The site of Kovalam is popular among tourists especially because of the low tides, shallow waters and quiet atmosphere it provides.


Almost all India tours and travels operators plan excursions to Kovalam. Considered one of the oldest tourist attractions in the country dating back to the 1930’s, the site was made popular by the Queen of Travancore, Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bai and ever since that day it’s been a planned Kerala tour itinerary by India tour operators.

The place has become popular when queen decided to build her palace atop a rocky ledge to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach and later on decided to promote it as a tourism destination. The caliber of it being a tourist hotspot was discovered by the European guests of the Travancore kingdom. Even to this day you can see many westerners flocking at the beach and enjoying the sun.



Major Attractions



  • Lighthouse Beach: undoubtedly the most popular beach in Kovalam and by default inclusion by India tour and travel operators, its most popular landmark is the old Vizhinjam Lighthouse situated on a rocky elevated area. Operational even to this day, the lighthouse operates in the darkness and its lengthy light beam provides a beautiful charm in the night and warning the ships to keep a distance from the shoreline and avoid any silly accident. This is the reason why Kovalam gets its identity.

  • Surfing: in spite of low tides and quiet waters, the waters sometimes become a little aggressive and an aggressive tide is the best friend of a surfer. If you are a surfer then definitely you are going to enjoy the Kovalam experience.




How to Reach


Kovalam can easily be reached via Trivandrum which is 16 Kilometers away. There are taxis nd auto rickshaws that charge a nominal amount to get there. If asked by them “where in Kovalam”? Just mention any one of the beach names mentioned above.



















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