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candolim hotel resorts

candolim hotel resorts




Located 15 kilometers away from the state capital Panaji in North Goa, Candolim beach is the ideal place if you want to have complete peace in your surroundings.

It is one of the longest beaches in Goa which ends at its neighbor, the busiest beach Calangute beach. In spite of being located so close to its busy neighbor, life at Candolim beach is very silent and calm apart from a few water activities present there.

Compared to other beaches, Candolim beach is totally free from commercial activities which are why you can never find restaurants or shacks present there. Because of this reason it is not mostly included as an itinerary in tour packages. The waves are mostly calm over here but violent during off season rainy weather. This place can be an inclusion in your tour packages only if you are looking for complete peace.



Major Attractions


  • River Princess Ship: this medium sized ship is located some 1 kilometer off the beach. It’s a cargo ship which in the year 2000 got stuck at the shoreline when it accidentally crossed its operating depth and has remained in that state ever since. Its close presence from the shoreline is a matter of great concern for environmentalists as the beach has been subjected to excessive erosion off lately.

  • Fort Aguada: built by the Portuguese in the late 1600’s for defense against Maratha and Dutch invaders. The fort is very beautiful and is by default included in each and every Goa tour packages.


How to Reach


Candolim beach can be reached via Panjim bus stand. There is daily bus service to Candolim and buses leave every minute for Candolim. When at the beach till evening make sure that you wind up everything and reach the bus stand as the last bus to Panaji leaves at 7:30pm. If you miss the bus then you are at the mercy of auto rickshaw drivers or cab drivers who may charge up to INR 250/- for a distance for which you could have paid INR 5/- by bus.

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