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baga hotel resorts

baga hotel resorts



Baga beach located in North Goa is the most happening beach in the state of Goa and is a must included itinerary in India tours and travels.

The beach boasts of mainly because of the sea activities which are organized over there. No doubt the scenic beauty over there is amazing; it is also the centre of Goa’s night life. Some of the most popular night clubs are Tito’s, Mambo’s, Kamaki, and Cape Town etc.



Major Attractions


  • Parasailing: a very popular water sport. Here your body is strapped to a harness connected to a parachute and the parachute is connected to a motor boat via a strong rope. The motor boat pulls the rope and the strong winds lift the parachute up to a particular height. There are options for two people to be strapped together. This is also an option to make your honeymoon trip memorable which is the reason why it’s always included in holiday packages.

  • Banana Ride: this is a ride which you will definitely enjoy with your loved one. Ride consists of an inflatable banana shaped balloon on which you will be seated and the same will be pulled by a motor boat to take you around the sea.



How to Reach


Baga beach is barely 12 kilometers away from the capital city of Panaji. During daytime you can board the daily bus services to the beach from Panaji bus stand. All public transportation services shut down exactly at 8pm so if you are planning to visit and get a glimpse of the night life there, make sure you have taken a motorcycle or a scooter on rent from any bike rental merchant.

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