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adventure tour travel holiday packages dodital

adventure tour travel holiday packages dodital

Experience soothing aura


Surrounded by foothills of the Himalayas, this watery haven provides a spectacular view of snow covered Himalayas and pine trees on its shores.


 You can see the reflection on its crystal clear waters. The location of the lake is quite remote because of which there is no proper road connectivity to the area which is why it is not part of India honeymoon packages. Dodital is a lake situated in the state of Uttarakhand.



Major Attractions


dodital lake-The beauty of the lake is such that no one can think of any other place other than this. enjoy sunset, boating and picnic at the scenic beauty place.


snow peak trekking- people visit dodital in winters to enjoy trekking in snow. 


hanuman chatti- it is nearby located that you can see while going to trekk.



Best time to visit- mid summers and winter starting are two main season. 



How to Reach


India honeymoon packages don’t include this destination though but if you are planning a trip then you have to first reach Uttar kashi from where the 21 kilometers trek to Dodital begins.

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